Celestia STS has worked with many great clients over the years. On this page, you can read what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

Testimonial Steel Electronique
Equipment used: WizardLink Front-End 3rd Generation
Use case: Testing satellite RF Encoder
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Before starting to work with you, we had a couple of doubts. Firstly, we are used to work mainly with French companies in proximity to us, because we like to visit our suppliers and inspect the on-going progress of the ordered equipment. Secondly, we were not sure if your product will fully satisfy our requirements. We were looking for mature product with proven performance to be delivered in very short time. Your responsiveness positively surprised and allowed us to make our decision fast. After your first email replies we were sure that we engaged with the right supplier and that the offered WizardLink equipment satisfies our needs. We had very smooth experience in working with you. Starting with very professional kick-off meeting where you gained our full confidence until the very end of project. For us it was very important to receive your EGSE on time, because it impacted our flight equipment delivery schedule. Now we are using your system for almost a month and performance is as expected. We are satisfied with your WizardLink equipment. We would recommend your products to any Large Space Integrator for example Thales Alenia Space-France or Airbus-France. Fun fact: we had a contact with you in 2014 but at that time our bid was not selected. This time we had a complicated situation in a running project and we were desperately looking for COTS WizardLink supplier. Luckily, we remembered you.

Commercial Manager, Steel Electronique
Testimonial Thales Alenia Space
Equipment used: Integrated EGSE
Use case: Satellite sub-systems testing
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We work with Celestia-STS for a long time and your technical heritage is well known to us, thus we have no doubts about your capability to deliver various EGSE. Except in 2016 when you have been acquired by Celestia Technologies Group we had a doubt about on-time delivery of DH SCOE, but after we learned that your team has been increased our fears disappeared. Main factor we choose to work with you is that quality-price ratio of your EGSE is very good. Like in every project we face some non-conformances, but your highly skilled engineers always propose a creative solution how to solve the issue or increase the functionality and adapt your EGSE even more to our needs. I would recommend you to others, because Celestia-STS can deliver high quality-price ratio solutions and provide exceptional support during the project.

Supply Chain Operations Manager, Thales Alenia Space – Turin, Italy
Testimonial AirBus Toulouse
Equipment used: TM/TC Front-End
Use case: On-board computer (OBC) and Central data management unit (CDMU) testing
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Since we know your company and work with you since 2004 we were a bit concerned in 2016 when you (at that time SSBV) have been acquired by Celestia Technologies Group. But after your visit and presentation about your strategy and R&D activities our worries disappeared. So far, we are very satisfied working with C-STS. Your responsiveness for technical or programmatic matters makes our life easier and allows us to complete our procedures faster. Your TM/TC Front-End unit is used a lot, almost 100% of the time. We use it to test our OBC’s and CDMU’s, thanks to it we can test many things. Simply put, every time we switch on the spacecraft we use your TM/TC Front-End. We are very confident about its performance and if there is an issue we are sure that it is not in your unit, but somewhere else. Moreover, front panel monitoring points is very helpful feature. It allows us to see the signal and this helps a lot especially during operations on the launch pad or in thermal vacuum chamber test campaign. We always recommend C-STS especially when we talk about new projects with European Space Agency. We always mention that it is a good company with very competent people. Fun fact: back in 2004 for ESA GAIA mission we started using your TM/TC Front-End unit. The same unit has been used in different project phases at multiple locations: UK, France, French-Guiana and Germany. In a period of 15 years unit has been shipped across the World and it is still in perfect operational condition. Honestly, we are expecting to use for another 3-4 years. Your TM/TC Front-End unit is very robust.

Production Team Leader, Airbus Defence and Space – Toulouse, France
Testimonial Qinetic Space
Equipment used: S-band TT&C Modem for AIT
Use case: Satellite sub-system testing
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We have started working with Celestia-STS in early 2012. Before starting to work with you we had some doubts about your TT&C Modem. Because we were looking for very specific S-band TT&C Modem for AIT/AIV phase and your unit needed heavy customizations to comply with our requirements. From our experience we knew that heavy customizations sometimes take more time and reveal more challenges than expected. Eventually after short development phase and on-site debugging efforts together with your engineers we tackled all the challenges. Since then your TT&C Modem was extremely stable. During AIT/AIV we used your unit for months (6 months) in a row without a need for rebooting or reconfiguration it was always there fully operational without any glitches. It was a major advantage for us during AIT/AIV, because our test engineers were able to fully focus on satellite testing instead of EGSE debugging. From that moment onwards, we always think twice should we make or buy professional EGSE units. I will absolutely recommend C-STS products and services, I’m a big fan! Tip. The main advantage of your unit is that after being used in AIT/AIV campaign we moved it to operational ground station in Redu, Belgium. So far it provides stable and smooth operation for 4 years in a row.

Project Manager and Spacecraft Operations System Engineer, QinetiQ Space – Kruibeke, Belgium
Testimonial AirBus Friedrichshaven
Equipment used: Integrated EGSE
Use case: Satellite sub-systems testing
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We are working with Celestia-STS (exSSBV) for more than 10 years and we always have had a good image of the company and very trustful cooperation. C-STS is delivering good systems and excellent documentation, has very competent employees, technically and commercially very reliable. We appreciate very much high-quality and responsive support from C-STS during the project and warranty period. I would definitely recommend C-STS as a business partner. Because very friendly personnel, who know their product very well, therefore it is a pleasure to work with them.

AIT Manager, Airbus Defense & Space – Friedrichshafen, Germany