EGSE Software

Electrical Ground Support Equipment consists of various subsystems, such as TM/TC, CAN, MIL-1553 and WizardLink. All EGSE subsystems must be controlled via dedicated EGSE software. The software allows spacecraft operators to have control over a unit under test (UUT). It runs automated test scripts to speed up the testing. The software also monitors real-time statuses. It performs data processing of recorded or simulated data and visualizes data in many ways.  For that purpose, C-STS offers a wide range of in-house developed EGSE software products that can be customised according to your needs.

EGSE Software - TMTC

EGSE Control Software

In-house developed EGSE Control Software deployed with the C-STS EGSE allows the operation of integrated Simulation, Test and Monitoring equipment towards unit under test. It provides a central control and monitoring environment for data processing, visualization and archiving. This environment is referred to as being the “CMS” or “CMDVS”.

EGSE Software - Level Zero Processor CMS

Level Zero Processor

The Level Zero Processor Software (LZP) provides level-0 processing functions. These functions are required to extract telemetry (TM) frames and TM packets from a RAW binary acquired data stream stored on disk. Most commonly the data is received via a satellite RF or Bypass link, either during AIT or Operational phases. The LZP is comprised of a powerful software framework of processes that can operate in parallel to achieve high bitrate throughputs.

Archive Browser - Telemetry Archive File Browser

Archive Browser

In most C-STS EGSE systems, data and status information is commonly archived in files on the system’s hard disk. The Archiving function stores information that passes through (or is generated by) the system. The Archive Browser has been designed specifically to enable the searching (browsing), viewing, filtering and export of the data contained in an Archive generated by a C-STS EGSE system.