On-Board Interfaces

A satellite interface consists of various subsystems, such as Power, Communications, Data Handling, Onboard Computer, etc. All these sub-systems use a wide variety of satellite interfaces, both internally (within a sub-system) and externally (between sub-systems). These Onboard Interfaces can differ at many levels, such as physical, electrical and on protocol level. To support (sub-)system manufacturers during development and validation phases, C-STS offers a wide range of front-end products.

Multi-Purpose Interface Platform

The Multi-Purpose Interface Platform (MPIP) is a modular, scalable electrical ground support equipment (EGSE) that enables space equipment builders and integrators to test and simulate spacecraft electrical and data interfaces in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient manner.

Satellite Interface - TMTC

TM/TC Front-End

The TM/TC Front-End is a telemetry (TM) and telecommand (TC) unit which provides direct control of spacecraft using baseband interfaces during spacecraft development, assembly, integration, test (AIT) and launch phases. 

WizardLink - Mass Memory Unit

WizardLink Front-End

The WizardLink Front-End provides high-speed serial interfaces to spacecraft flight equipment. WizardLink is used during spacecraft assembly, integration and test phase to test and validate satellite flight equipment.

Satellite Interface - LVDS Front-End front

LVDS Front-End

The LVDS Front-End provides the Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) Data/Clock interfaces (electrical and protocol) to satellite flight equipment and can be used on all assembly, integration, and testing (AIT) levels (bread-boarding, module, unit, instrument, panel, and satellite).

Satellite Interface - MIL-1553 Front-End front

MIL-1553 Front-End

The MIL-1553 Front End is an EGSE unit to control, monitor and simulate flight equipment on the satellite onboard data handling bus during the spacecraft development, assembly, satellite integration, and test (AIT) phases.

CANopen - CAN bus Monitor

CAN bus Front-End

The CAN bus Front-End is an EGSE unit to control, monitor and simulate flight equipment on the satellite on-board data handling bus, during the spacecraft development, assembly, integration and test (AIT) phases.