Integrated Satellite Testing Systems

With a wide range of On-Board and RF Interface products in our portfolio, we provide turn-key satellite testing solutions.  These Integrated Satellite Testing Systems nominally consist of our own front-end equipment, complemented with COTS products. The satellite testing systems provide our customers with a complete test environment to validate their satellite or subsystem. All integrated systems are designed and implemented to specification. The in-depth knowledge of the Celestia STS engineers adds value to find the best and most cost-efficient solution for the customer.

Instrument SCOE vertical

Instrument SCOE

The Instrument SCOE is a turn-key system, which provides electrical and protocol interfaces to a satellite Instrument (camera, synthetic aperture radar, etc.)  during development and AIT of the Instrument. Instrument SCOE, sometimes called Payload SCOE, allows operating as a stand-alone Instrument. This is done through the electrical interface later provided by the spacecraft.

Satellite Testing Systems - RF SCOE


Radio Frequency Special Check-Out Equipment (RF SCOE) is an integrated system, used to validate the RF sub-systems of a satellite during integration and testing. As most satellite RF sub-systems are unique per satellite, an RF SCOE is based on a combination of C-STS standard Onboard, RF Interface, and Software products in combination with COTS equipment.

RF Suitcase

The RF Suitcase (or RFS) is an integrated system for ground station and satellite radio frequency compatibility testing (RFCT). The RFS integrates part of the real spacecraft RF chain into a transportable system. That system generates representative Telemetry at RF level and receives Telecommands.

Spacecraft Simulator - Spacecraft Interface Simulator

Spacecraft Interface Simulator

A Spacecraft Interface Simulator (SIS) is an integrated piece of equipment that allows an instrument or spacecraft unit to be developed and tested prior to the overall spacecraft integration.

The Spacecraft Simulator provides the Unit Under Test (UUT) with all of the electrical interfaces that the instrument has on the spacecraft. This includes power, serial data interface, spacecraft buses, discrete control and monitor interfaces, etc.