Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) are tools used by satellite and sub-system manufacturers and integrators to test and validate electrical functions of the satellite on the ground before launchEGSE consists of hardware and/or software elements that perform satellite testing, by simulating the interfaces of missing (sub-)systems to assure full compatibility once integrated within the overall platform. This includes both satellite onboard elements as well as external elements related to communications. 

Celestia STS provides a wide variety of EGSE products which have been grouped into the following categories: 

EGSE - On-board Interfaces

On-Board Interfaces

Satellites consist of various subsystems, such as Power, Communications, Data Handling, Onboard Computer, etc. All these sub-systems use a wide variety of interfaces, both internally (within a sub-system) and externally (between sub-systems). These On-Board Interfaces can differ at many levels, such as physical, electrical and on protocol level. To support (sub-)system manufacturers during development and validation phases, C-STS offers a wide range of front-end products.

Satellite RF Interfaces - AIT Modem Front

RF Interfaces

Spacecraft RF Interface testing is a vital stage of spacecraft assembly, integration and test (AIT) both at sub-system level and full spacecraft level.

During satellite AIT via Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), operators can communicate directly with the spacecraft. The operators use a fixed cabled connection. This is frequently done by using the Bypass connections from the TM/TC Front-End to the On-Board Computer. It is also done via the real RF interfaces of the spacecraft. The RF interfaces are typically connected to an RF SCOE (Special Check-Out Equipment), that includes up/down conversion, RF test and measurement equipment. The interfaces can also be connected to the TT&C Modems for AIT purposes.

Payload SCOE - Payload Testing

Integrated Systems

With a wide range of On-Board and RF Interface products in our portfolio, we can provide turn-key satellite testing solutions.  These Integrated Systems, which nominally consist of our own front-end equipment complemented with COTS products, provide our customers a complete test environment to validate their satellite or subsystem. All integrated systems are designed and implemented to specification, where the in-depth knowledge of the Celestia-STS engineers adds value to find the best and most cost-efficient solution for the customer.

EGSE Software


Electrical Ground Support Equipment consists of various subsystems, such as TM/TC, CAN, MIL-1553 and WizardLink. All EGSE subsystems must be controlled via dedicated software. The software allows spacecraft operators to have control over a unit under test (UUT), run automated test scripts to speed up the testing, monitor real time statuses, perform data processing of recorded or simulated data and visualize data in many ways.  For that purpose, C-STS offers a wide range of in-house developed software products which could be customized according your needs.